Overstock bezahlt als erstes Unternehmen Steuern in Bitcoin

Overstock avoiding the hideous associations of the word "Bitcoin" in its press release is *great news* for Bitcoin!!

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Crypto Advocate Patrick Byrne Resigns as CEO of Overstock

Crypto Advocate Patrick Byrne Resigns as CEO of Overstock
Noted crypto advocate Patrick Byrne has resigned as CEO of Overstock.
Per a letter of resignation and company statement posted on Twitter Aug. 22, Patrick Byrne has stepped down as CEO of Overstock.
Having led crypto-friendly e-commerce at the company, including the launch of tZero, Overstock’s crypto token platform, and Overstock’s acceptance of Bitcoin payment, Byrne’s resignation follows the announcement of disappointing Q1 earnings for 2019.
More directly, Byrne cited the recent announcement of his controversial relationship with Maria Butina as the impetus for cutting ties with Overstock.
In his letter of resignation, Byrne reaffirmed his faith that “the blockchain revolution will reshape key social institutions.” However, it is questionable to what degree this faith will direct Overstock’s future in Byrne’s absence.
TZero reported pre-tax losses of $12.6 million in Q4 of last year, which did not diminish Byrne’s apparent confidence in the initiative.
Per an Overstock press release issued later on Aug. 22, Jonathan Johnson will fill Byrne’s shoes as CEO on an interim basis, while Kamelia Aryafar will take Byrne’s place as board member and executive vice president of Overstock Retail.
In September of last year, Cointelegraph reported on Byrne’s sale of over $20 million of stock in Overstock, in response to which he assured the public “don't worry, I'm still in the game.”
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Decentralized AI Project SingularityNET to Partner With Hara Blockchain Farming Startup

SingularityNET, a decentralized artificial intelligence company, has recently announced a partnership with a blockchain startup called Hara, which is focused on agriculture. The partnership was announced at the World Web Forum today, January 21.
Hara is set to use the blockchain technology in order to help Indonesian farmers to be more well informed about topics like grain price, the quality of the soil in which they plant the grains and details about land ownership.
With the partnership, the companies will join their forces together to offer crop diagnosis and data analytics powered by artificial intelligence, which can greatly improve the current services that Hara is offering to Indonesian farmers.
The official press release from the companies affirms that the main goal of the partnership is to help both sides to expand their own access and the ability to know more diseases that can affect crops and to automate as much as possible these services while working together.
About SingularityNET
You may have already heard of SingularityNETbefore this partnership. In case the name does not ring a bell, you should know that the company has gained the attention of the world by creating a humanoid robot called Sophia together with Hanson Robotics. In fact, the CEO and founder of SingularityNET are Ben Goertzel, which worked there as the chief scientist.
SingularityNET had a very successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and now will probably see more developments on its technology as it joins Hara for this new project with agriculture, the blockchain technology and AI together.
Food And Farming Blockchain Apps On The Rise
After Bitcoin went mainstream in 2017 and the blockchain technology started to become more famous, we have seen several interesting projects in the fields of farming and food that use this new tech.
Just last year, the number of blockchain appsfor farming and food was raised considerably. Most projects were focused on increasing the transparency of the industry and to create better supply chains for it.
Some of the main examples of companies that did were ABCD, which made a partnership to use the blockchain technology and Medici Ventures, the blockchain arm of Overstock, which is now in the blockchain game as well. Big retailers like Carrefour and Walmart are also using technology as a way to track produce.
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Cryptocurrencies are mixed as Overstock.com launches tZero token platform

Crypto Market Recap

Crypto Developments in Financial Services

Crypto Regulatory Environment

General Crypto News

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DISH ($27bn market cap) begins accepting bitcoin

DISH is by far the largest company to begin accepting bitcoin - roughly 75 times larger than Overstock, by market cap. This is very likely to attract a good deal of media attention over the next few days.
EDIT: To clarify - They are planning to begin accepting bitcoin payments starting in July.
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Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown 05/12/2018

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown 05/12/2018

Crypto In-N-Out’s Mid-Week News Rundown: Tron’s $100m Investment in Blockchain Gaming, Blockchain Let You Know What you Eat Exactly, Blockchain is Still a Hot Topic in the Europe, Overstock Invests in Agricultural Blockchain Firm

  1. Tron’s $100m Investment in Blockchain Gaming
After launching the game Magic Academy in October this year, Tron announced at the end of November that it is planning to invest $100m over the next three years in its blockchain gaming fund, Tron Arcade. According to the announcement, ‘The main goal of the fund is to empower developers to create and execute on their ideas, to introduce new games and content into an autonomous ecosystem, and to build a strong community of content and entertainment.’

  1. Blockchain Let You Know What you Eat Exactly
Terry Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer at BestBitcoinExchange.io speaks of the impact blockchain has on the hospitality sector. It is very basic that one of the most important applications of the blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, can be used in the hospitality industry as the payment method. There are other applications in the industry as well. For example, the customer can get a complete historical record on the process of making the bottle of wine being purchased, from the growing of grapes to using the cork to seal the bottle. The technology helps customers to know exactly what they eat!

  1. Blockchain is Still a Hot Topic in the Europe
On Tue this week, the southern European states, including France, Italy, Spin, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, made a joint declaration to promote the adoption of blockchain with the aim to transform their economies. On the other hand, Ripple, NEM and two other blockchain companies have established a ‘Blockchain for Europe’ Association, as per their press release on Wed this week. The association aims to promote the understanding and proactive regulation of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies across the European continent.

  1. Overstock Invests in Agricultural Blockchain Firm
Overstock’s blockchain venture arm, Medici Ventures, has purchased $25m worth of equity in the agricultural blockchain project GrainChain, as per its press release announced this Tue. GrainChain states that their system provides a platform, which can be used by small and medium sized agricultural businesses outside of their immediate geographic area so the middlemen will be cut out of the process.
Source: http://www.cryptoinnout.com/news-20181205-crypto-innouts-news-rundown-779.html
For more cryptonews please visit http://www.cryptoinnout.com/
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Nexus Conference - Biggest Crypto event of 2017

Last night the Nexus Conference program was released, confirming that this is the biggest event in crypto this year. I'm not writing this post to shill, but rather show how serious Nexus Earth is about it's role as a future industry leader. You can make your own decisions from there.
Looking back over the last few months, it has been insane what positive media attention has done to the price crypto. Sometimes all it takes is a handwritten 'Buy Bitcoin" sign at a Federal Reserve press conference.
The aim of the Nexus Conference isn't so much to talk up Nexus as a cryptocurrency, but rather an event that will bring the top minds from a variety of fields and industries to discuss how blockchain/cryptocurrency tech can benefit everybody.
If you haven't already seen the speaker list, here are some of the big names:
Roger Ver - Bitcoin Legend Dave North - CEO of Sedgwick (World's largest insurance provider) Peter Schiff - CNBC Dr. Patrick M. Byrne - Founder of Overstock.com Jim Cantrell - CEO Vector Space Systems Colin Cantrell - Nexus Earth founder
Google them all.
The program even states that Nexus will even be hosting a debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for the 2018 Colorado Governor Election at the conference, with former Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul closing the conference with a key-note address. Another former Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich, will also be speaking at the conference.
Besides it's partnership with Vector Space Systems, Nexus is still relatively unknown by a lot of the crypto world. This conference will change everything.
So do your own research, don't buy coins on rumors of Visa partnerships, or Las Vegas strip club tokens. There are projects out there looking to revolutionize the tech industry, and Nexus Earth is one of them. In fact, no project is more ambitious.
Check out the conference program here: http://nexusearth.com/downloads/Nexus_Conference_Program.pdf
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Patrick Byrne launches t0.com...gives hints it's powered by ethereum!

I watched the entire press conference live. The whole time, I assumed t0.com ran on the bitcoin blockchain, but apparently this isn't so.
Originally, Patrick hired the Counterparty guys to build t0 on the bitcoin blockchain, but they flaked-out on him and founded their own company - Symbiont.
The video isn't on YouTube yet, so I'll have to paraphrase from memory, but this is why I think he's using ethereum. At the very end of his talk he said t0.com is "ledger agnostic" or "blockchain agnostic". He then looked at his lawyer and asked "Can we announce what technology we're using to power t0?"....and then Patrick almost answered...but his lawyer said "no, not yet."
Right around that same time, Patrick gave examples that some stock exchange start-ups use Bitcoin, some use Ripple, some use Counterparty, etc. (I don't think he mentioned any others)...since his lawyer said NOT to announce t0's technology, that basically implies that t0.com is NOT using Bitcoin, Ripple, or Counterparty.
If you google "blockchain agnostic", the first results you get will be etherparty.io, BC they wrote a blog on June 1st specifically called Blockchain Agnostic
You can get all the details on their site, but long story short, etherparty is built on ethereum!
Lastly, I don't think the timing is an accident. Patrick may have waited until Frontier was successfully launched, and then he held his press conference.
To reiterate, I'm not saying it's a slam dunk, but there's several good clues that he's using etherparty.io, which runs on ethereum...
If this turns out to be true, it is excellent news!
there's already quite a buzz going on over at bitcoin about Patrick's announcement...many are upset that he didn't announce he's using the BTC blockchain: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3ftcsv/t0com_is_built_to_be_ledger_agnostic/
There are several other threads over there as well about t0.com that are worth reading.
Overstock's and t0's Press Release said the video will be uploaded here:
...but it's not up yet.
"To the toppermost of the poppermost." ~John Lennon
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Bitcoin 2017 a Comprehensive Timeline

Some of the most notable news and events over the past year:
Jan 3:
Jan 10:
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Aug 1:
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Sep 1:
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Oct 4:
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Nov 1:
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Dec 2:
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Dec 13
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Dec 31
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My LTC wishes for 2014 : MtGox, ZipZap, Coinbase, Coinkite, Bitcoiniacs, Coinkite, Lamassu ATMs and so much more...

What I expect for the new year :
Well, I think it will be enough for the first part of the new year... And you, what do you expect for the new year ? (I may have been a little shy about my predictions...)
Happy end-of-year celebration from Paris, France.
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JPMorgan suppresses gold & silver prices to prop up the USDollar - via "naked short selling" of GLD & SLV ETFs. Now AXA (which owns $94 million of JPMorgan stock) may be trying to suppress Bitcoin price - via tiny blocks. But AXA will fail - because the market will always "maximize coinholder value"

As a bitcoin user (miner, hodler, investor) you have all the power - simply due to the nature of markets and open-source software. Core/Blockstream, and their owners at AXA, can try to manipulate the market and the software for a while, by paying off devs who prefer tiny blocks, or censoring the news, or conducting endless meetings - but in the end, you know that they have no real control over you, because endless meetings are bullshit, and code and markets are everything.
Bitcoin volume, adoption, blocksize and price have been rising steadily for the past 7 years. And they will continue to do so - with or without the cooperation of Core/Blockstream and the Chinese miners - because just like publicly held corporations always tend to "maximize shareholder value, publicly held cryptocurrencies always tend to "maximize coinholder value".
How much of a position does AXA have in JPMorgan?
AXA currently holds about $94 million in JPMorgan stock.
Admittedly this is not a whole lot, when you consider that the total of JPMorgan's outstanding shares is currently around USD 3.657 billion.
But still it does provide a suggestive indication of how these big financial firms are all in bed with each other. Plus the leaders of these big financial firms also tend to hang out which each other professionally and socially, and are motivated to protect the overall system of "the legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" which allows them to rule the world.
How does JPMorgan use paper GLD and SLV ETFs to suppress the price of physical gold and silver?
As many people know, whistleblower Andrew Maguire exposed the massive criminal scandal where JPMorgan has been fraudulently manipulating gold and silver prices for years.
JPMorgan does this via the SLV and GLD ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).
The reason they do it is in order to artificially suppress the price of gold and silver using "naked short-selling":
How exactly does JPMorgan manage to commit this kind of massive fraud?
It's easy!
There's actually about 100x more "phantom" or fake silver and gold in existence (in the form of "paper" certificates - SLV and GLD ETFs) - versus actual "physical" gold and silver that you can take delivery on and hold in your hand.
That means that if everyone holding fake/paper SLV & GLD ETF certificates were to suddenly demand "physical delivery" at the same moment, then only 1% of those people would receive actual physical silver and gold - and the rest would get the "equivalent" in dollars. This is all well-known, and clearly spelled out in the fine print of the GLD and SLV ETF contracts.
(This is similar to "fractional reserve" where almost no banks have enough actual money to cover all deposits. This means that if everyone showed up at the bank on the same day and demanded their money, the bank would go bankrupt.)
So, in order to fraudulently suppress the price of gold and silver (and, in turn, prevent the USDollar from crashing), JPMorgan functions as a kind of "bear whale", dumping "phantom" gold and silver on the market in the form of worthless "paper" SLV and GLD ETF certificates, "whenever the need arises" - ie, whenever the US Dollar price starts to drop "too much", and/or whenever the gold and silver prices start to rise "too much".
(This is similar to the "plunge protection team" liquidity providers, who are well-known for preventing stock market crashes, by throwing around their endlessly printed supply of "fantasy fiat", buying up stocks to artificially prevent their prices from crashing. This endless money-printing and market manipulation actually destroys one of the main purposes of capitalism - which is to facilitate "price discovery" in order to reward successful companies and punish unsuccessful ones, to make sure that they actually deliver the goods and services that people need in the real world.)
Is there an ELI5 example of how "naked short selling" works in the real world?
Yes there is!
The following example was originally developed by Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne - who, as many people know, is very passionate about using Bitcoin not only as cash, but also to settle stock trades - because his company Overstock got burned when Wall Street illegally attacked it using naked short selling:
Here's how naked short-selling works: Imagine you travel to a small foreign island on vacation. Instead of going to an exchange office in your hotel to turn your dollars into Island Rubles, the country instead gives you a small printing press and makes you a deal: Print as many Island Rubles as you like, then on the way out of the country you can settle your account. So you take your printing press, print out gigantic quantities of Rubles and start buying goods and services. Before long, the cash you’ve churned out floods the market, and the currency's value plummets. Do this long enough and you'll crack the currency entirely; the loaf of bread that cost the equivalent of one American dollar the day you arrived now costs less than a cent.
With prices completely depressed, you keep printing money and buy everything of value - homes, cars, priceless works of art. You then load it all into a cargo ship and head home. On the way out of the country, you have to settle your account with the currency office. But the Island Rubles you printed are now worthless, so it takes just a handful of U.S. dollars to settle your debt. Arriving home with your cargo ship, you sell all the island riches you bought at a discount and make a fortune.
Why isn't anybody stopping JPMorgan from using "naked short selling" to fraudulently suppress gold and silver prices?
Because "certain people" benefit!
Of course, this "naked short selling" (selling a "phantom" asset which doesn't actually exist in order to suppress the price of the "real" asset) is actually illegal - but JPMorgan is allowed to get away with it, because suppressing the gold and silver price helps prop up the United States and world's major "fantasy fiat" financial institutions - which would be bankrupt without this kind of "artificial life support."
How does suppressing the gold and silver price help governments and banks?
If gold and silver (and Bitcoin!) rose to their actual "fair market value", then the US dollar (and most other national "fiat" currencies) would crash - and many major financial institutions would be exposed as bankrupt. Also, many "derivatives contracts" would default - and only a tiny percentage of defaults would destroy most major financial companies' balance sheets. (For example, see Deutsche Bank - which is may become "the next Lehman", due to having around around $80 trillion in dangerous derivatives exposure.)
So, major financial firms like JPMorgan are highly motivated to prevent a "real" (honest) market from existing for "counterparty-free" assets such as physical gold and silver (and Bitcoin!)
So, JPMorgan fraudulently manipulate the precious-metals market, by flooding it with 100x more "phantom" "silver" and "gold" in the form of worthless GLD and SLV ETF certificates.
Basically, JPMorgan is doing the "dirty work" to keep the US government and its "too-big-to-fail" banks and other financial institutions afloat, on "artificial life support".
Otherwise, without this GLD & SLV ETF "naked short selling" involving market manipulation and fraud, the US government - and most major US financial institutions, as well as many major overseas financial institutions, and most central banks - would all be exposed as bankrupt, once traders and investors discovered the real price of gold and silver.
So, what does this have to do with AXA and Bitcoin?
Just like JPMorgan wants to suppress the price of gold and silver to prop up the USDollar, it is reasonable to assume that AXA and other major financial players probably also want to suppress the price of Bitcoin for the same reasons - in order to postpone the inevitable day when the so-called "assets" on their balance sheets (denominated in US Dollars and other "fantasy fiat" currencies, as well as derivatives) are exposed as being worthless.
Actually, only the motives are the same, while the means would be quite different - ie, certain governments or banks might want to suppress the Bitcoin price - but they wouldn't be able to use "naked short selling" to do it.
As we know, this is because with Bitcoin, people can now simply demand "cryptographic proof" of how many bitcoins are really out there - instead of just "trusting" some auditor claiming there is so much gold and silver in a vault - or "trusting" that a gold bar isn't actually filled with worthless tungsten (which happens to have about the same "molecular weight" as gold, so these kinds of counterfeit gold bars have been a serious problem).
(And, by the way: hopefully it should also be impossible to do "fractional reserve" using "level 2" sidechains such as the Lightning Network - although that still remains to be seen. =)
So, even though it should not be possible to flood the market with "phantom" Bitcoins (since people can always demand "cryptographic proof of reserves"), AXA could instead use a totally different tactic to suppress the price: by suppressing Bitcoin trading volume - explained further below.
Does AXA does actually have the motives to be suppressing the Bitcoin price - right now?
Yes, they do!
As described above, the only thing which gives giant banking and finance companies like JPMorgan and AXA the appearance of solvency is massive accounting fraud and market manipulation.
They use the "legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" (ie, debt-backed "currency", endlessly printed out of thin air) - and the never-ending carrousel of the worldwide derivatives casino, currently worth around 1.2 quadrillion dollars - to "paper over" their losses, and to prevent anyone from discovering that most major insurance firms like AXA - and most major banks - would already be considered bankrupt, if you counted only their real assets. (This is known as "mark-to-market" - which they hate to do. They much prefer to do "mark-to-model" which some people call "mark-to-fantasy" - ie, fraudulent accounting based on "phantom" assets" and rampant market manipulation.)
So, it is public knowledge that nearly all "too-big-to-fail" financial companies like AXA (and JPMorgan) would be considered bankrupt if their fraudulent accounting practices were exposed - which rely on the "legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" and the "never-ending carrousel of the derivatives casino" to maintain the façade of solvency:
If Bitcoin becomes a major currency, then tens of trillions of dollars on the "legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" will evaporate, destroying AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderbergers. This is the real reason why AXA bought Blockstream: to artificially suppress Bitcoin volume and price with 1MB blocks.
Does AXA actually have the means to to be suppressing the Bitcoin price... right now?
Yes, they do!
For example, AXA could decide to support economically ignorant devs like Greg Maxwell (CTO of Blockstream), Adam Back (CEO of Blockstream), and the other Core devs who support Blockstream's "roadmap" based on tiny blocks.
Wait - isn't AXA already doing precisely that?
Yes, they are!
As we all know, AXA has invested tens of millions of dollars in Blockstream, and Blockstream is indeed fighting tooth and nail against bigger blocks for Bitcoin.
Blockstream is now controlled by the Bilderberg Group - seriously! AXA Strategic Ventures, co-lead investor for Blockstream's $55 million financing round, is the investment arm of French insurance giant AXA Group - whose CEO Henri de Castries has been chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012.
So, how would artificially tiny blocks artificially suppress the Bitcoin price?
This is pretty much based on common sense - plus it's also been formalized and roughly quantified in concepts involving networking and economics, such as "Metcalfe's Law".
Metcalfe's Law says pretty much what you'd expect it to say - ie: the more people that use a system, the more valuable that system is.
More precisely: the value of a system is proportional to the square of the number of users in that system - which also makes sense, since when there are N users in a system, the number of connections between them is N*(N - 1)2 which is "on the order of" N squared.
In fact, Metcalfe's Law has been shown to hold for various types of networks and markets - including faxes, internet, national currencies, etc.
Does Metcalfe's Law apply to Bitcoin?
Yes, it does!
The past 7 years of data also indicates - as predicted - that Metcalfe's Law also does indeed apply to Bitcoin as well.
Graphs show that during the 5 years before Blockstream got involved with trying to artificially suppress the Bitcoin price via their policy of artificially tiny blocks, Bitcoin prices were roughly in proportion to the square of the (actual) Bitcoin blocksizes.
Bitcoin has its own E = mc2 law: Market capitalization is proportional to the square of the number of transactions. But, since the number of transactions is proportional to the (actual) blocksize, then Blockstream's artificial blocksize limit is creating an artificial market capitalization limit!
During all those years, actual blocksizes were still low enough to not bump into the artificial "ceiling" of the artificial 1 MB "max blocksize" limit - which, remember, was only there as a temporary anti-spam measure, so it was deliberately set to be much higher than any actual blocksize, and everyone knew that this limit would be removed well before actual blocksizes started getting close to that 1 MB "max blocksize" limit.
But now that Bitcoin volume can't go up due to hitting the artificial "max blocksize" 1 MB limit (unless perhaps some people do bigger-value transactions), Bitcoin price also can't go up either:
Bitcoin's market price is trying to rally, but it is currently constrained by Core/Blockstream's artificial blocksize limit. Chinese miners can only win big by following the market - not by following Core/Blockstream. The market will always win - either with or without the Chinese miners.
So what does this all have to do with that meeting in Silicon Valley this weekend, between Core/Blockstream and the Chinese miners?
This latest episode in the never-ending saga of the "Bitcoin blocksize debates" is yet another centralized, non-transparent, invite-only stalling non-scaling, no-industry-invited, no-solutions-allowed, "friendly" meeting being held this weekend - at the very last moment when Blockstream/Core failed to comply with the expiration date for their previous stalling non-scaling non-agreement:
The Fed/FOMC holds meetings to decide on money supply. Core/Blockstream & Chinese miners now hold meetings to decide on money velocity. Both are centralized decision-making. Both are the wrong approach.
So, on the expiration date of the HK stalling / non-scaling non-agreement, Viacoin scammer u/btcdrak calls a meeting with no customer-facing businesses invited (just Chinese miners & Core/Blockstream), and no solutions/agreements allowed, and no transparency (just a transcript from u/kanzure). WTF!?
This disastrous, desperate meeting is the latest example of how Bitcoin's so-called "governance" is being hijacked by some anonymous scammer named u/btcdrak who created a shitcoin called Viacoin and who's a subcontractor for Blockstream - calling yet another last-minute stalling / non-scaling meeting on the expiration date of Core/Blockstream's previous last-minute stalling / non-scaling non-agreement - and this non-scaling meeting is invite-only for Chinese miners and Core/Blockstream (with no actual Bitcoin businesses invited) - and economic idiot u/maaku7 who also brought us yet another shitcoin called Freicoin is now telling us that no actual solutions will be provided because no actual agreements will be allowed - and this invite-only no-industry no-solutions / no-agreements non-event will be manually transcribed by some guy named u/kanzure who hates u/Peter__R (note: u/Peter__R gave us actual solutions like Bitcoin Unlimited and massive on-chain scaling via XThin) - and as usual this invite-only non-scaling no-solutions / no-agreements no-industry invite-only non-event is being paid for by some fantasy fiat finance firm AXA whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group which will go bankrupt if Bitcoin succeeds.**
What is the purpose of this meeting?
The "organizers" and other people involved - u/btcdrak and u/maaku7 - say that this is just a "friendly" meeting - and it is specifically forbidden for any "agreements" (or scaling solutions) to come out of this meeting.
What good is a meeting if no agreements or solutions can some out of it?
Good question!
A meeting where solutions are explicitly prohibited is actually perfect for Blockstream's goals - because currently the status quo "max blocksize" is 1 MB, and they want to keep it that way.
So, they want to leverage the "inertia" to maintain the status quo - while pretending to do something, and getting friendly with the miners (and possibly making them other "offers" or "inducements").
So this meeting is just another stalling tactic, like all the previous ones.
Only now, after the community has seen this over and over, Blockstream has finally had to publicly admit that it is specifically forbidden for any "agreements" (or scaling solutions) to come out of this meeting - which makes it very obvious to everyone that this whole meeting is just an empty gesture.
So, why is this never-ending shit-show still going on?
Mainly due to inertia on the part of many users, and dishonesty on the part of Core/Blockstream devs.
Currently there is a vocal group of 57 devs and wannabe devs who are associated with Core/Blockstream - who refuse to remove the obsolete, temporary anti-spam measure (or "kludge") which historically restricted Bitcoin throughput to a 1 MB "max blocksize".
Somehow (via a combination of media manipulation, domain squatting, censorship, staged international Bitcoin stalling "scaling" meetings and congresses, fraudulent non-agreements, and other dishonest pressure tactics) they've managed to convince everyone that they can somehow dictate to everyone else how Bitcoin governance should be done.
vampireban wants you to believe that "a lot of people voted" and "there is consensus" for Core's "roadmap". But he really means only 57 people voted. And most of them aren't devs and/or don't understand markets. Satoshi designed Bitcoin for the economic majority to vote - not just 57 people.
Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else in Bitcoin - ie, everyone who's not involved with Blockstream - knows that Bitcoin can and should have bigger blocks by now, to enable increased adoption, volume, and price, as shown by the following points:
(1) Most miners, and investors, and Satoshi himself, all expected Bitcoin to have much bigger blocks by now - but these facts are censored on most of the media controlled by Core/Blockstream-associated devs and their friends:
Satoshi Nakamoto, October 04, 2010, 07:48:40 PM "It can be phased in, like: if (blocknumber > 115000) maxblocksize = largerlimit / It can start being in versions way ahead, so by the time it reaches that block number and goes into effect, the older versions that don't have it are already obsolete."
The moderators of r\bitcoin have now removed a post which was just quotes by Satoshi Nakamoto.
(2) Research has repeatedly shown that 4 MB blocks would work fine with people's existing hardware and bandwidth - such as the Cornell study, plus empirical studies in the field done by jtoomim:
(3) Even leading Bitcoin figures such as Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc and r\bitcoin censor moderator u/theymos have publicly stated that 2 MB blocks would work fine (in their rare moments of honesty, before they somehow became corrupted):
theymos 1/31/2013: "I strongly disagree with the idea that changing the max block size is a violation of the 'Bitcoin currency guarantees'. Satoshi said that the max block size could be increased, and the max block size is never mentioned in any of the standard descriptions of the Bitcoin system"
"Even a year ago I said I though we could probably survive 2MB" - nullc
Greg Maxwell used to have intelligent, nuanced opinions about "max blocksize", until he started getting paid by AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group - the legacy financial elite which Bitcoin aims to disintermediate. Greg always refuses to address this massive conflict of interest. Why?
So... What can we do now to stop giant financial institutions like AXA from artificially suppressing Bitcoin adoption, volume and price?
It's not as hard as it might seem - but it might (initially) be a slow process!
First of all, more and more people can simply avoid using crippled code with an artificially tiny "max blocksize" limit of 1 MB produced by teams of dishonest developers like Core/Blockstream who are getting paid off by AXA.
Other, more powerful Bitcoin code is available - such as Bitcoin Unlimited or Bitcoin Classic:
In addition, proposals for massive on-chain scaling have also been proposed, implemented, and tested - such as Xthin:
Hasn't the market already rejected other solutions like Bitcoin Unlimited or Bitcoin Classic?
Actually, no!
If you only read r\bitcoin, you might not hear about lots of these promising new innovations - or you might hear people proclaiming that they're "dead".
But that forum r\bitcoin is not reliable, because it routinely censors any discussion of on-chain scaling for Bitcoin, eg:
The most upvoted thread right now on r\bitcoin (part 4 of 5 on Xthin), is default-sorted to show the most downvoted comments first. This shows that r\bitcoin is anti-democratic, anti-Reddit - and anti-Bitcoin.
So, due to the combination of inertia (people tend to be lazy and cautious about upgrading their software, until they absolutely have to) and censorship, some people claim or believe that solutions like Bitcoin Unlimited or Bitcoin Classic have "already" been rejected by the community.
But actually, Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin Unlimited are already running seamlessly on the Bitcoin network - and once they reach a certain predefined safe "activation threshold", the network will simply switch over to use them, upgrading from the artificially restrictive Bitcoin Core code:
Be patient about Classic. It's already a "success" - in the sense that it has been tested, released, and deployed, with 1/6 nodes already accepting 2MB+ blocks. Now it can quietly wait in the wings, ready to be called into action on a moment's notice. And it probably will be - in 2016 (or 2017).
I think the Berlin Wall Principle will end up applying to Blockstream as well: (1) The Berlin Wall took longer than everyone expected to come tumbling down. (2) When it did finally come tumbling down, it happened faster than anyone expected (ie, in a matter of days) - and everyone was shocked.
So what is the actual point of this weekend's meeting between Core/Blockstream and the Chinese Miners?
It's mainly just for show, and ultimately a meaningless distraction - the result of desperation and dishonesty on the part of Core/Blockstream.
As mentioned above, real upgrades to Bitcoin like Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin Unlimited have already been implemented and tested and are already running on the Bitcoin network - and the overall Bitcoin itself can and probably will switch over to them, regardless of any meaningless "meetings" and delaying tactics.
Is it inevitable for Bitcoin to move to bigger blocks?
Yes, for three reasons:
(1) As mentioned above, studies show that the underlying hardware and bandwidth will already easily support actual blocksizes of 2 MB, and probably 4 MB - and everyone actually agrees on this point, including die-hard supporters of tiny blocks such as Blockstream CTO Gregory Maxwell u/nullc, and r\bitcoin censor moderator u/theymos.
(2) The essential thing about a publicly held company is that it always seeks to maximize shareholder value - and, in a similar fashion, a publicly held cryptocurrency also always seeks to maximize "coinholder" value.
(3) Even if Core/Blockstream continues to refuse to budge, the cat is already out of the bag - they can't put the toothpaste of open-source code back into the tube. Some people might sell their bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies which have better scaling - but a better solution would probably be to wait for a "spinoff" to happen. A "spinoff" is a special kind of "hard fork" where the existing ledger is preserved, so your coins remain spendable on both forks, and you can trade your coins on markets, depending on which fork you prefer.
Further information on "spinoff technology" can be found here:
An excellent discussion of the economic advantages of using a "spinoff" to keep the original ledger (and merely upgrade the ledger-appending software), can be found here:
And today, based on new information learned from Ethereum's recent successful "hardfork split", people are already starting to talk about the specific details involved in implementing a "spinoff" or "hardfork split" for Bitcoin to support bigger blocks - eg, changing the PoW, getting exchanges to support trading on both sides of the fork, upgrading wallets, preventing replay attacks, etc:
We now know the miners aren't going to do anything. We now know that a minority fork can survive. Why are we not forking right now?
So - whether it's via a hardfork upgrade, or a hardfork split or "spinoff" - it is probably inevitable that Bitcoin will eventually move to bigger blocks (within the underlying hardware and bandwidth constraints of course - which would currently support 2-4 MB blocksizes).
Why are bigger blocks inevitable for Bitcoin?
Because that's how markets always have and always will behave - and there's nothing that Blockstream/Core or AXA can do to stop this - no matter how many pointless stalling scaling meetings they conduct, and no matter how many non-agreements they sign and then break.
Endless centralized meetings and dishonest agreements are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is decentralized markets and open-source code. Users and markets decide on what code to install, and what size blocks to accept. Bitcoin adoption, volume - and price - will continue to grow, with or without the cooperation of the dishonest devs from Core/Blockstream, or misguided miners - or banksters at "fantasy fiat" financial firms like JPMorgan or AXA.
submitted by ydtm to btc [link] [comments]

Product on Schedule, Game of Coins, New Website - Swarm Newsletter Jan 8 Update

Happy New Year! The Swarm Team is starting off 2018 with a bang!
The markets are hot, our product is almost ripe, and we're feeling solid going into the new year. Two themes for us this week at Swarm were AI and the SWM token. The Distressed Real Estate fund that will launch with our platform uses AI to identify the optimal opportunities for purchase. Other funds in the pipeline use AI to make smarter trading decisions, learning from signals in trading and from places like influencer Twitter feeds. Where Swarm opens up opportunities once available only to a select few, AI is what really drives the economy - recommending and making decisions faster and better than any middleman could. And the Swarm token, SWM, is the the essential element which powers this whole ecosystem. Look for a blog post from us this week detailing our plan to maximize the utility of the SWM token. Hint - it's gonna be a gas!
Product On Schedule
Version 0.6 of the Swarm Platform was delivered this past Friday, a day ahead of schedule. Account creation, funding, review and allocation to individual funds are all coming together. Props to our friends on our Telegram channel for asking about v0.6, and sorry it was only an internal release! But we are excited to demo the platform on stage at the North America Bitcoin Conference in Miami next week and give a sneak peak! We remain on schedule for the public release of the MVP (v 0.61) of the platform on January 29.
Game of Coins @ CES
Philipp & Chris attended CES on Tuesday. Once a consumer electronics show to see the latest gadgets, CES has become a place where emerging technologies are discussed and announced. And yes, there are still the cool gadgets too. Brandchannel reached out to get Swarm's take on crypto @CES. Read the interview here!
On Tuesday, January 9th, Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper was on the Game of Coins panel at the CES Digital Money Forum. The panel is comprised of top industry leaders: Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse, Civic's Vinny Lingham, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and Bill Shihara of Bittrex Exchange. Watch the panel on YouTube!
Our New Website
Hit refresh! The new Swarm.fund site goes live soon. We've redesigned the site with a look, feel, and content structure to support the launch of The Swarm Portal at the end of this month. Our core focus remains on the product, so some sections of the site are designed to grow over time, but we hope you like what we've done with the place, and we welcome your feedback on how it can be improved!
This Week in the News
Swarm Fund’s Philipp Pieper to Speak at The Digital Money Forum at CES 2018’s “Cryptocurrency: A Volatile Game of Coins" Press Release Jan 05, 2018 Business Wire
Cryptocurrency at CES: 5 Questions With Swarm Fund CEO Philipp Pieper Interview Jan 05, 2018 BrandChannel
We hope your year so far has been as fun and inspiring as it has been for us here at Swarm, and will continue to bring you true health and happiness.
Your friends at Swarm Fund
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An Open Letter To My Boss

You may have heard of the latest fad that has been sweeping the internet now, but you may not realize the ways in which it can benefit us and how easy it would be if we started to accept Bitcoin as payment.
It is secure and completely legal to accept Bitcoin in the United States. Overstock.com and tigerdirect.com, major retailers online, are now accepting it and have seen great success with it.
The fact is, 2014 is the year of the bitcoin. Payment processing is made risk-free through a site called coinbase.com which is offering new merchants the first million dollars worth of Bitcoin processing for free and 1 percent thereafter. Compare that to what you are now paying for credit card processing fees. They instantly convert Bitcoin payment into dollars for you so that you are exposed to no risk.
A number of brick and mortar and online retailers are using it as a promotional tool to get people in the door and raise awareness of their brand.
Also a new class of wealthy Americans has arisen who are tech savvy, who invested in Bitcoin early and saw a huge spike in their net worth. They have all these bitcoins that they can spend and they do not know where to spend it.
On top of that, opportunities exist to train people in Bitcoin and to sell Bitcoin above the current exchange rate. It would make us appear tech savvy and relevant to geeks and nerds alike in the 21st century. It also opens the door for us to sell things online easily for shipping.
Whatever ends up happening in the regulation environment, the fact of the matter is that Bitcoin is not going away and for us to be one of the first companies to accept it in our state would be a great press release.
I have done extensive and personal research into the feasibility of this and I see no drawbacks or barriers for adoption. One final perk that may be worth considering is that it will drive traffic to our website and create buzz on the Internet.
Setting it up is simple and easy and can be done in less than a week. Let me know.
submitted by EfUranicus to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

A few thoughts - Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good afternoon! A few thoughts for lunch today:

Organic interest versus manufactured interest

There seems to be a lot of buzz lately about articles that draw attention to bitcoin "milestones" at companies. For example, the article about Intuit yesterday reported that more people are using Quickbooks for bitcoin purposes than originally anticipated. I think we need to be careful about the difference between what amounts to company press releases, and what Google would term as "organic" news.
Organic news originates from the market, from the bottom up. An example of such news would be someone who saved $10k buying a Tesla at a 10% discount and who posts about it, or the increasing popularity of a site as reported by its users. Press releases originate from the top down and tend to have two flaws. First, they leave out key information, and second, they don't appear at all when bad news happens.
Overstock has an interest in reporting raw numbers but leaving out actual customer feedback. Numbers exceeding expectations are easy to understand by everyone, but they don't show any support or excitement over bitcoin technology. Companies that have announced bitcoin acceptance never post press releases when they stop accepting bitcoins. Excitement from users is what we should be looking for in predicting future adoption, price rises, and bubbles. Be careful and try to distinguish which news is coming from the bottom and which news is falling from the top down.

Worth noticing

It's worth noticing that an increasing number of people are theorizing that the actual number of claims by Mt Gox creditors may be 100% of the number of bitcoins they found, not the larger number that is claimed was lost. If so, those extra bitcoins never existed nor were owed, and the people who used bitcoinbuilder at 3 cents on the dollar will walk away with the best investment of their lives. It will be worth performing some research to see if these claims have any basis and what the impact will be if they are true.

Price crashes through the lower boundary for the first time

Today, something unprecedented happened. The price crashed through the lower boundary ($596) for the first time. moral_agent states that the price has to close below the lower boundary for three consecutive days in order for the divergence to be proven; however, even one day below the boundary is significant. It would difficult to use moral_agent's charts for predictive purposes if the pattern has diverged. My interpretation of what he predicts is that the model will have been proven wrong if this divergence is confirmed, but I disagree and say that the charts were correct, given the fundamentals that had held for all those years. The model predicted perfectly that as long as the fundamentals held, the cycle would continue in regular periods. But if the divergence has occurred, then it means that the fundamentals changed, not that the model was wrong.
Whereas moral_agent would prefer to adjust the model so that it can explain the additional data, I think the model was right, and now that the conditions have changed, a new model is required that would begin now. My belief is that the key fundamentals that have not held are the transaction volume having decreased, and the lack of development progress. I still maintain that these things are what drives the price trends and that short-term news generally follows the trends.
Bitcoins are not dead, and growth is likely to continue. It is even likely that there will be further periods of exponential growth in the future. However, the lower boundary is rising at $4/day now. Even if the price stays steady, the trend will break within a few days. My flair remains bearish as it has since bitcoins were worth $630, but I'm not going to sell because the future will eventually arive.

People don't like bearish predictions

Several months back, I stated that if the price did not start to move, then there would be a crash around today because people would realize that growth isn't happening as it had in the past. I believed that such losses would occur within a week or two around the date, but never believed it would happen exactly when people woke up on July 24. More recently, I changed my flair to bearish and reiterated that belief.
What's interesting is that almost all of the posts I make to /bitcoinmarkets now that have anything negative to say about bitcoins are immediately downvoted, despite having correctly predicted the fallout. I also made some positive comments, and they were upvoted, even though they were intentionally wrong.
I had always thought that people in /bitcoin were insulated in a collective where press releases from major companies carry far too much weight, and the stereotype was that /bitcoinmarkets was always negative. That obviously isn't the case. I've noticed that many contributors who post comments to the negative are downvoted regardless of what they say. I've started clicking to expand comments that are downvoted because they often present a more balanced view.


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    7. Breaking: PBOC strikes again - Lending disabled on BTCC (66 points, 70 comments)
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    1. Internet Archive: $3000 donated anonymously to the @internetarchive in bitcoin just now. Made our day! Thank you! (1941 points, 31 comments)
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    1. Deutsche Bank - More than $10 billion in transactions never appeared on the books. That's why banksters don't want to use public blockchains. (1338 points, 96 comments)
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    2. OKcoin and Huobi provided margin trading that violated rules resulting in abnormal price and fluctuations. (83 points, 28 comments)
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    2. Chase is closing my account due to bitcoin purchases. Nice. (478 points, 410 comments)
    3. Here are some pictures of the solar greenhouse in the desert I am using to mine bitcoin. (140 points, 303 comments)
    4. Man... Brian Kelly from CNBC really fell hard for bitcoin. I like that! (124 points, 27 comments)
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    3. This is what I like to see when checking daily's finances. (122 points, 22 comments)
    4. Beautiful balance (71 points, 13 comments)
    5. Reminder: Bitcoin's immutability is not only not a bug, but its main feature. Scalability comes secondary to it. (44 points, 20 comments)
    6. Bitcoin Price Gets Ready to Factor In Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Approval (43 points, 24 comments)
    7. Paxful - a global leader in peer-to-peer bitcoin technology - has launched a new widget, allowing anyone to buy bitcoin worldwide instantly with over 300 ways to pay. (41 points, 34 comments)
    8. Scaling Revisited: What If Bitcoin's Big 'Problem' is Its Great Strength? (38 points, 16 comments)
    9. Flashback to the 90's: Interviewer asks Fed Chair "What is Blockchain?" (37 points, 21 comments)
    10. It seems all those FUD mongers were wrong when they predicted the price would crash without China's "liquidity" (32 points, 13 comments)
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    1. Ben Davenport (BitGo CTO): "Centralization of mining has led to some miners thinking they're in charge of Bitcoin. They forgot where Bitcoin's value comes from." (169 points, 112 comments)
    2. [Twitter Poll] Charlie Lee (Director of Engineering @ Coinbase): "What's the most important feature of Bitcoin that we must not sacrifice? Decentralization, Security, Low fees, Global payments" (116 points, 62 comments)
    3. Hernz: "Did you know you can get paid to help spread misinformation? -birds dot bitcoin dot com-" (hosted by Roger Ver) (106 points, 38 comments)
    4. The Passion of 'Bitcoin Jesus': How The Blockchain's Most Beloved Investor Became its Most Polarizing (101 points, 52 comments)
    5. Jonas Nick: "MimbleWimble blockchain (non-interactive coinjoin + pruning) may be able to support Lightning" / ref: Andrew Poelstra @ lists.launchpad.net/mimblewimble/msg00022.html (96 points, 19 comments)
    6. Bitcoin Core - IRC Meeting Summary (January 19, 2016) (83 points, 16 comments)
    7. Bitcoin Core - IRC Meeting Summary (January 12, 2016) (68 points, 7 comments)
    8. WhalePanda: "Analyzed @rogerkver's 'Cry Wolf' tactic on censorship on /bitcoin." (59 points, 16 comments)
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    10. Bitcoin Core - IRC Meeting Summary (January 5, 2016) (51 points, 2 comments)
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    8. Xapo Now Licensed to Operate from Switzerland (39 points, 2 comments)
    9. Bitcoin Payments Startup BitPesa Raises $2.5 Million (32 points, 0 comments)
    10. Lawsuit Accuses Bitcoin ATM Owner of Smashing Competing Machines With Hammers (31 points, 18 comments)
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    4. Dead Man's Switch for HODLers (50 points, 84 comments)
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    1. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." can we please stop this culture of bashing or lifting cults of personality and get back to science? (807 points, 143 comments)
    2. The house of Nakamoto in the main shopping strip of Vienna gets massive new bitcoin logo signage 2 stories big, 4 times 4 meters of epic propaganda! (265 points, 32 comments)
    3. I saw a post here that little snitch takes bitcoin. I just purchased a copy! Great little app and well worth 30 bucks. (32 points, 9 comments)
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    3. Dutch Pirate Party pays 11,250 Euro deposit in Bitcoin to Electoral Council (68 points, 9 comments)
    4. Amir Taaki & Cody Wilson's Bitcoin support described by film critic as “defense of criminality” at Sundance Film Festival 2017 (44 points, 13 comments)
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    7. Liverpool Launches Own Digital Currency Based on Bitcoin's Blockchain Tech - Attracts 3,000 Users in First Month (25 points, 1 comment)
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    1. UPDATE: Nearly all of Circle's 5 Star Ratings have disappeared today for their latest version (Jan 5th). A stark difference to what we saw earlier, looks like action was taken. (633 points, 177 comments)
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    3. Bitcoin isn't 'real money'. Google, you need to work on your search results. (85 points, 38 comments)
    4. Coinbase, please fix your merchant invoices on iOS 10. They haven't worked properly for months (while BitPay's work perfectly). Details and screenshot inside. (35 points, 5 comments)
  20. 896 points, 1 submission: amendment64
    1. Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it. (896 points, 1017 comments)
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    2. "See, bitcoin is down 9.75% over the past month...I told you it crashed..." says my wife (72 points, 64 comments)
    3. EthereRum by South Florida Distillers, the worlds first rum distilled from mining heat. Stayed tuned for more details. (39 points, 21 comments)
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    1. Patrick Byrne (Overstock CEO) on Fox Business Channel today (288 points, 57 comments)
    2. "Sent my first instant bitcoin LN payment to a random irc user on testnet. Second-layer tech for the win!" | Justin Camarena on Twitter (250 points, 64 comments)
    3. Balaji Srinivasan (21 CEO) just deleted his whole tweet history. Heading to the FDA? (137 points, 69 comments)
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    9. The ECB Explains Why Central Banks Can't Go Bankrupt (19 points, 7 comments)
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    1. [AMA] I'm the woman who got pepper sprayed wearing the "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hat. (796 points, 938 comments)
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    2. Donald Trump is Considering a Bitcoin Entrepreneur to Lead the FDA (220 points, 137 comments)
    3. Japanese Internet Giant GMO Announces Entrance to Bitcoin Wallet Market (156 points, 14 comments)
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    1. bitcoin.com loses 13.2BTC trying to fork the network: Untested and buggy BU creates an oversized block, Many BU node banned, the HF fails (543 points, 428 comments)
    2. Segwit talk by Pieter Wuille. 25 minutes talk time (145 points, 21 comments)
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    2. If Bitcoin ETF approval ignites speculative rush, doesn't that prove intense latent demand, blocked only by the SEC? (120 points, 22 comments)
    3. Big miners are free to create their Unlimited coin, but if they try to kill Bitcoin it will resist censorship and route around it. (108 points, 103 comments)
    4. What is money? (93 points, 56 comments)
    5. Charlie Shrems next jail time? (50 points, 15 comments)
    6. In 1996 they said the Internet was in need of a "killer app". In 2016, they said #Bitcoin needed a "killer app", too. (39 points, 17 comments)
    7. Introduction to Bitcoin & Blockchains (38 points, 5 comments)
    8. Evaporative Two-Phase Immersion Cooling (Bitfury) (37 points, 6 comments)
    9. Crypto '98 Rump Session- Hal Finney (33 points, 8 comments)
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    2. Bitcoin is Closing in On Its Transaction Capacity Limit, For Real This Time (110 points, 155 comments)
    3. The Founder of India-Based Bitcoin Mining Pool GBMiners is Running a Ponzi Scheme (105 points, 50 comments)
    4. How Bitcoin Is Disrupting The Online Gambling Industry (98 points, 74 comments)
    5. Report Estimates There are More Than 10 Million Bitcoin Holders Worldwide (91 points, 54 comments)
    6. Blockchain Announces Expansion in Middle East; Partners with Dubai Government (32 points, 7 comments)
    7. 3 Teams Receive Funding from $1.2 Million Bitcoin Development Grant, More Funds Incoming (27 points, 7 comments)
    8. Digital Garage and Blockstream Collaborate on New Blockchain Solutions for Japanese Market (20 points, 0 comments)
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    1. FOMO-ing right now (630 points, 85 comments)
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    2. Bitcoin ETF may attract $300 million in the first week, says Needham & company (205 points, 103 comments)
    3. It's time to start thinking about denominating Bitcoins in mBTC permanently. Might be the last time to buy some for less than a dollar each! (82 points, 127 comments)
    4. Big China bitcoin exchange says no government pressure on outflows (46 points, 6 comments)
    5. New weekly record in Local Bitcoin volumes plus new highs in Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Venezuela (36 points, 1 comment)
    6. Despite the recent drop the price is hitting new records when averaged over a year (24 points, 10 comments)
    7. Press Release: CD Key retailer CJS CD Keys now Accepting Bitcoin (22 points, 3 comments)
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    1. mac has the new bitcoin Unicode character already! (597 points, 81 comments)
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    1. Bitcoin just hit $1000 USD! :D (594 points, 147 comments)
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    1. Japanese internet giant, GMO, entering bitcoin exchange and wallet markets (451 points, 26 comments)
    2. Abra overview (52 points, 22 comments)
    3. Japan Could See 20,000 Bitcoin Accepting Merchants in 2017 - CryptoCoinsNews (44 points, 5 comments)
    4. Bitcoin is gold with a teleporter (26 points, 2 comments)
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    1. "Introduction to Bitcoin" - Andreas Antonopoulos (Probably one of the best videos for introducing bitcoin). (131 points, 7 comments)
    2. Venezuela's currency now worth so little shopkeepers weigh vast piles of notes instead of counting them (118 points, 42 comments)
    3. Coins are cheaper in China by $30 to $50 dollars for the first time in a long time, that means... (92 points, 87 comments)
    4. Andreas Antonopoulos - The Death of Money | London Real (57 points, 1 comment)
    5. Abra: Bitcoin To Fiat Withdrawals At Tellers Globally! - 2017 North American Bitcoin Conference (47 points, 14 comments)
    6. Remember that you can use CPFP or RBF to get your transactions confirmed faster. (45 points, 46 comments)
    7. Bitcoin Q&A: The Lightning Network & Rootstock (30 points, 1 comment)
    8. Public Perception of Bitcoin is Slowly Shifting Amid Global Financial Turmoil (25 points, 1 comment)
    9. Bitcoin is shrugging off some big news of out of China (22 points, 1 comment)
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    1. $1,000! (543 points, 49 comments)
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    1. [META] Can we use the Bitcoin Rollercoster Guy as the upvote and downvote arrows? (539 points, 49 comments)
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    2. Countries where you can survive on Bitcoin (map) (76 points, 88 comments)
    3. How practical is it to live on Bitcoin: historical progress (gif) (63 points, 40 comments)
    4. Among the countries with the strongest Bitcoin adoption: Slovenia, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland (63 points, 13 comments)
    5. Long-term bitcoiner checking this sub (51 points, 9 comments)
    6. The complete list of the factors that influence the value of Bitcoin (45 points, 29 comments)
    7. Will Bitcoin work on Mars? (30 points, 41 comments)
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    1. My new Phone background. Thanks u/SooieSide/ (484 points, 30 comments)
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    1. I think duck duck go should improve their decimal accuracy (386 points, 41 comments)
    2. Bitcoin achieves leetness in Australia (86 points, 12 comments)
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    1. LibreTaxi, free and open source UbeLyft alternative to connect passengers and drivers - bitcoin integration on the way! (441 points, 94 comments)

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  3. Countdown: Bitcoin Will Be a Legal Method of Payment in Japan in Two Months by helmsk (2316 points, 151 comments)
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  5. Welcome to Bitcoin, everyone. Don't worry, he'll recover. by Pizpie (1353 points, 155 comments)
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  1. 380 points: Tyatku's comment in When you ride the bitcoin rally
  2. 340 points: Vaultoro's comment in Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it.
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Overstock gehört zu den ersten größeren Unternehmen, die Bitcoin-Zahlungen akzeptierten. Overstock setzt 2019 ganz auf Blockchain. Mit Medici Ventures verfügt Overstock zudem über eine Investment-Tochtergesellschaft, die exklusiv in Blockchain-Projekte investiert. Zu den bekanntesten Projekten gehört tZERO, eine Plattform mit Fokus auf die Entwicklung und Vermarktung von FinTech auf ... PRESS RELEASE GlobeNewswire . Oct. 22, 2020, 02:30 PM ... Overstock initially introduced free shipping on everything in late March in response to the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders, with the ... Press Release View printer-friendly version << Back. January 3, 2019 at 9:01 AM EST . Overstock.com to Pay Ohio State Business Taxes in Bitcoin Using OhioCrypto.com. PDF Version. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading online retailer and blockchain technology pioneer Overstock.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) announced today that it will become the first major U.S. company to pay a ... A rally in the Bitcoin market has prompted traders to shift their capital from the booming decentralized finance sector. As of Wednesday, almost all the DeFi tokens have plunged... Yashu Gola 2 months ago; Ethereum Just Shot Up $250 But Don’t Bet on That... While Bitcoin was rejected at the $9,800 resistance, Ethereum has continued to press ... This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the Digital Voting Series A-1 Preferred Stock (the “Series A-1”), by Overstock and its subsidiaries and affiliates and no offer, solicitation or sale of the Series A-1 shall be made in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or ...

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Overstock CEO: bitcoin a 'form of sound money'

Crypto News: Bitcoin, Overstock, Ethereum Classic, Brave, IOTA, Monero (beginning of January ) Bitcoin birthday On 3rd of January Bitcoin had its 10 birthday. On 3 January 2009, the bitcoin ... Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne talks with CNN's Zain Asher about the potential strengths of bitcoin during a dollar crisis. Overstock.com CEO, Patrick M. Byrne, Discusses Overstock.com Accepting Bitcoin on FOX Business - Duration: 4 minutes, 53 seconds. Overstock Newsroom 5 years ago CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne, talks with me at Porcfest about the financial system, and what he believes should be the government's role in bitcoin. This ... Judd Bagley the Communcations Director of Overstock.com gives us insight on Overstock's emerging block chain technology and the overall Bitcoin marketplace. ...